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520    Over the last twenty-seven years, I have coached thousands
       of doctors on all aspects of success, from business, to 
       wellness, to communication skills, to inter- and intra-
       personal issues. I have seen millionaires made and broken,
       and heard every imaginable miracle and tragedy. But there 
       is one challenge that seems to transcend talent, attitude,
       money, skill, and social status, one that affects 
       literally everyone, which few have addressed and fewer 
       have resolved. I'm talking about sex. In my opinion, sex 
       in our society is essentially broken. People like the idea
       of sex, and many wish for a good sex life. But due to 
       cultural distortions and misinformation-and for most 
       people, an introduction into their sexuality that is 
       uneven at best, and traumatically miserable at worst-many 
       don't enjoy it, most don't understand it, and almost no 
       one feels especially comfortable with or well-equipped for
       it. Yet, a satisfying love life is available for pretty 
       much anyone who wants one, as long as there's a 
       willingness to look at sex in a new way-not as one thing 
       that is nearly impossible to figure out, but rather, from 
       one of nine separate worldviews. This means that you can 
       get clarity from your vantage point, instead of trying to 
       apply only generalities. It is in this set of patterns 
       that is uniquely you that you can find the kind of 
       satisfaction that leads to a well sexuality. Each type 
       contributes something special to the loving formula, and 
       each looks at lovemaking in a particular way. It is 
       through understanding the distinctions of your particular 
       type that sexual wholeness, indeed, sexual wellness, is 
       available. Knowing which of these Nine Types of Lovers 
       best describes you, and which best describes someone with 
       whom you wish to have an intimate relationship, can make 
       the difference between ecstasy and painful, frustrating 
       failure. These ideas are that potent. So, let me welcome 
       you to a new way of experiencing yourself through sex; not
       the strained and incomprehensible old way, but rather, a 
       revealing, embracing, attractive, and exciting new way-
       through the enneagram of sexuality. (Don't worry about 
       this strange new word right now. It will be explained in 
       detail.) Before you begin to study this thrilling new 
       material, please ask yourself two questions: 1. If there 
       were no rules and I couldn't fail, what would my sex life 
       be like? 2. Who would I have to be or become to have this 
       sex life? By the time you turn the last page of this book,
       you will have clear answers to these questions, and you'll
       be well on your way toward fulfillment in your lovemaking,
       regardless of your current status in relationship, self-
       esteem, or personal experience. This work is for you to 
       awaken your sexuality-not in a dirty or vulgar way, but as
       a celebration of life. You can have great sex. You deserve
       it. Put a smile on your face -- you're about to enter the 
       world of sexual wellness. 
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