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100 1  Ostrowski, Adrian,|eauthor. 
245 10 Software Architecture with C++|h[O'Reilly electronic 
       resource] /|cOstrowski, Adrian. 
250    1st edition 
264  1 |bPackt Publishing,|c2021. 
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520    Apply business requirements to IT infrastructure and 
       deliver a high-quality product by understanding 
       architectures such as microservices, DevOps, and cloud-
       native using modern C++ standards and features Key 
       Features Design scalable large-scale applications with the
       C++ programming language Architect software solutions in a
       cloud-based environment with continuous integration and 
       continuous delivery (CI/CD) Achieve architectural goals by
       leveraging design patterns, language features, and useful 
       tools Book Description Software architecture refers to the
       high-level design of complex applications. It is evolving 
       just like the languages we use. Modern C++ allows 
       developers to write high-performance apps in a high-level 
       language without sacrificing readability and 
       maintainability. If you're working with modern C++, this 
       practical guide will help you put your knowledge to work 
       and design distributed, large-scale apps. You'll start by 
       getting up to speed with architectural concepts, including
       established patterns and rising trends. The book will then
       explain what software architecture is and help you explore
       its components. Next, you'll discover the design concepts 
       involved in application architecture and the patterns in 
       software development, before going on to learn how to 
       build, package, integrate, and deploy your components. In 
       the concluding chapters, you'll explore different 
       architectural qualities, such as maintainability, 
       reusability, testability, performance, scalability, and 
       security. Finally, you will get an overview of distributed
       systems, such as service-oriented architecture, 
       microservices, and cloud-native, and understand how to 
       apply them in application development. By the end of this 
       book, you'll be able to build distributed services using 
       modern C++ and associated tools to deliver solutions as 
       per your clients' requirements. What you will learn 
       Understand how to apply the principles of software 
       architecture Apply design patterns and best practices to 
       meet your architectural goals Write elegant, safe, and 
       performant code using the latest C++ features Build 
       applications that are easy to maintain and deploy Explore 
       the different architectural approaches and learn to apply 
       them as per your requirement Simplify development and 
       operations using application containers Discover various 
       techniques to solve common problems in software design and
       development Who this book is for This software 
       architecture C++ programming book is for experienced C... 
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