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020    9780760369869|q(hardcover) 
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092    635.965|bDAV 
100 1  Davidson, William|c(Writer on house plants) 
245 10 Dr. Houseplant :|ban indispensable guide to keeping your 
       indoor plants happy and healthy /|cWilliam Davidson ; 
       photography by Janneke Luursema. 
246 3  Doctor Houseplant 
246 30 Guide to keeping your indoor plants healthy and happy 
264  1 Beverly, MA :|bCool Springs Press, an imprint of The 
       Quarto Group,|c2020. 
264  4 |c©2020 
300    160 pages :|bcolor illustrations ;|c24 cm 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tIntroduction --|tHouseplant varieties. Urn plant --
       |tChinese evergreen --|tLaceleaf --|tCast iron plant --
       |tAzalea --|tBegonia --|tBulbs & Corms --|tCacti & 
       Succulents --|tPeacock plant --|tSpider plant --|tKangaroo
       vine --|tCroton --|tCyclamen --|tUmbrella plant --
       |tLeopard lily --|tDragon plant --|tPoinsettia --|tFerns -
       -|tFicus --|tMosaic plant --|tIvy --|tDwarf umbrella tree 
       --|tHerbs --|tWax plant --|tJasmine --|tSwiss cheese plant
       --|tBanana plant --|tOrchid --|tPalms --|tGeranium --
       |tRadiator plant --|tSweetheart plant --|tChinese money 
       plant --|tSnake plant --|tChristmas cactus --|tDevil's ivy
       --|tAfrican hemp --|tPeace lily --|tMadagascar jasmine --
       |tArrowhead plant --|tInch plant --|tSpineless yucca --
       |tTechniques for healthy, happy plants --|tChoosing & 
       buying --|tWatering & feeding --|tLight & position --
       |tCompost & potting --|tPests & diseases --|tSymptoms at a
       glance --|tGlossary --|tIndex. 
520    Is your monstera getting monstrous? Snake plant looking 
       sickly? Fiddle-leaf fading? Devil's ivy dropping leaves? 
       Dr. Houseplant is your key to a thriving indoor home 
       garden. Build your confidence and plant collection with 
       this guide and learn to give your favourite houseplants 
       the best care. Packed with information from choosing 
       healthy plants to creating space for them to flourish in 
       your home, Dr. Houseplant is the go-to for any plant 
       enthusiast, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned
       green thumb. The book includes features on 42 of the most 
       popular houseplants, including monsteras, ferns and cacti.
       Each feature provides you with the knowledge to provide 
       the ideal conditions for each variety, from watering, 
       feeding and temperature control, and will show you how to 
       identify and treat common issues, such as pests and fungal
       diseases, with tailored solutions to suit every plant and 
650  0 House plants. 
650  0 House plants|vHandbooks, manuals, etc. 
650  0 Indoor gardening. 
650  0 Indoor gardening|vHandbooks, manuals, etc. 
655  7 Handbooks and manuals.|2lcgft 
700 1  Luursema, Janneke,|ephotographer. 
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