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245 14 The art of war :|ba graphic novel|h[Hoopla electronic 
250    Unabridged. 
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511 1  Read by Erik Abraham. 
520    Presented here together for the first time are the 
       greatest of the ancient Chinese classics of strategic 
       thought: The Complete Art of War. Probably the most famous
       work of strategy ever written, Sun Tzu's Art of War has 
       sold millions of copies in many languages around the 
       world. Lost for more than 2000 years and only recently 
       recovered, the Military Methods of Sun Pin (Sun Tzu's 
       great-grandson) is a brilliant elaboration on his 
       ancestor's work. Only The Complete Art of War brings the 
       wisdom of these two ancient sages into a single volume and
       gives the reader a unique opportunity to master the 
       essentials of Chinese thought on strategy, organization 
       and leadership. The Sun family writings on strategy have 
       proven their value through the ages, and they continue to 
       reward careful study. By unveiling the complex, often 
       unexpected, interrelationships of armies locked in battle,
       they reveal the enduring principles of success in the 
       struggle of life itself. With a practical index to the 
       essential principles of strategy, and Ralph Sawyer's 
       thoughtful chapter-by-chapter commentaries, The Complete 
       Art of War is designed to bring the reader new insights 
       into the nature of human conflict. Whether it is playing 
       the game of politics or building a successful marriage, 
       closing a deal or managing a large organization, making 
       war or even making peace, The Complete Art of War stands 
       as one of the ultimate guides to a deeper understanding of
       human affairs. 
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650  0 Corporations 
650  0 Good and evil 
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700 1  DeWeese, Michael,|eillustrator. 
700 1  Giles, Lionel,|d1875-1958,|etranslator. 
700 0  Sunzi,|dactive 6th century B.C.|tSunzi bing fa. 
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