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100 1  Moaveni, Azadeh,|d1976-|eauthor. 
245 10 Guest house for young widows :|bamong the women of ISIS /
       |cAzadeh Moaveni. 
264  1 New York :|bRandom House,|c[2019] 
300    xii, 338 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tPrologue: Between seasons Spring 2007, Le Kram Tunis --
       |tPart 1: Inheritance of thorns.|tNour spring 2007, Le 
       Kram, Tunis ;|tAsma summer 2009, Raqqa, Syria ;|tLina 
       Summer 2000, Weinheim, Germany ;|tEmma 2007, Frankfurt, 
       Germany ;|tNour January 2011, Raqqa, Syria ;|tRahma and 
       Ghoufran June 2012, Sousse, Tunisia ;|tNour September 2012,
       Le Kram, Tunis ;|tLina Early 2014, Frankfurt, Germany ;
       |tEmma/Dunya Summer 2014, Frankfurt, Germany ;|tSabira 
       October 2013, Walthamstow, Northeast London --|tPart 2: 
       Gone girls.|tSharmeena, Kadiza, Amira, and Shamima 
       December 2014, East London --|tPart 3: Over and out.|tAsma
       2012-2013, Raqqa, Syria ;|tNour Fall 2012, Sousse, Tunisia
       ;|tRahma and Ghoufran Summer 2014, Sousse, Tunisia ;|tEmma
       /Dunya February 2014, Istanbul, Turkey ;|tSharmeena, 
       kadiza, Amira, and Shamima December 2014, East London ;
       |tSabira April 2015, Walthamstow, Northeast London --
       |tPart 4 Citizens of the Abode of Islam.|tAsma, Aws, and 
       Dua January 2014, Raqqa, Syria ;|tEmma/Dunya Spring 2014, 
       Raqqa, Syria |tLina Autumn 2014, Tal Afar, Iraq ;|tEmma/
       Dunya Fall 2015, Mangij, Syria |tSharmeena, Kadiza, Amira,
       and Shamima February 2015, East London ;|tSharmeena, 
       Kadiza, Amira, and Shamima July 2015, London and Raqqa ;
       |tRahma and Goufran September 2014, Zawiya, Libya ;|tNour 
       August 2014 Le Kram, Tunis ;|tRahma and Gougran May 2015, 
       Tunis ;|tLina March 2016, Tal Afar, Iraq --|tPart 5: Love,
       mourn, repeat.|tAsma, Aws, and Dua January 2015, Raqqa, 
       Syria ;|tLina Spring 2017, Raqqa, Syria ;|tEmma/Dunya 
       Spring 2015, Mangij, Syria ;|tSharmeena, Kadiza, Amira, 
       and Shamima December 2015, Raqqa, Syria ;|tRahma and 
       Ghoufran February 2016, Sabratha, Libya ;|tBethnal Green 
       August 2015, East London ;|tKadiza May 2016, Raqqa, Syria 
       ;|tSabira Spring 2016, Walthamstow, Northeast London ;
       |tEmma/Dunya January 2017, a village in Northern Syria ;
       |tNour Spring 2016, Le Kram, Tunis 
520    "In early 2014, the Islamic State clinched its control of 
       Raqqa in Syria. Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, urged 
       Muslims around the world to come join the caliphate. 
       Witnessing the brutal oppression of the Assad regime in 
       Syria, and moved to fight for justice, thousands of men 
       and women heeded his call. At the heart of this story is a
       cast of unforgettable young women who responded. Emma, 
       from Germany; Sharmeena from Bethnal Green, London; Nour 
       from Tunis: these were women--some still in high school--
       from urban families, some with university degrees and 
       bookshelves filled with novels by Jane Austen and Dan 
       Brown; many with cosmopolitan dreams of travel and 
       adventure. But instead of finding a land of justice and 
       piety, they found themselves trapped within the most 
       brutal terrorist regime of the twenty-first century, a 
       world of chaos and upheaval and violence. What is the line
       between victim and collaborator? How do we judge these 
       women who both suffered and inflicted intense pain? What 
       role is there for Muslim women in the West? In what is 
       bound to be a modern classic of narrative nonfiction, 
       Moaveni takes us into the school hallways of London, 
       kitchen tables in Germany, the coffee shops in Tunis, the 
       caliphate's OB/GYN and its "Guest House for Young Widows"-
       -where wives of the fallen waited to be remarried--to 
       demonstrate that the problem called terrorism is a far 
       more complex, political, and deeply relatable one than we 
       generally admit"--|cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Widows|zMiddle East. 
650  0 Islamic fundamentalism|zMiddle East. 
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