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245 02 A man named martin part 2|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
260    [United States] :|bInternational Lutheran Laymen :|bMade 
       available through hoopla,|c2016. 
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508    Directed by Jim Likens. 
511 1  Dr. Joel Biermann, Dr. Paul Maier, Dr. Gregory Seltz, Rev.
       Mark Surburg. 
520    Viewers will witness the interplay of personalities and 
       events that led to the Protestant Reformation. From 
       Luther's inner struggles of conscience and faith to his 
       call for debate with the Pope to his scathing rebuke of 
       erroneous church practice, this installment examines the 
       semi-scriptural and oft-times unethical teachings and 
       doctrines of the late Medieval Church and how Luther 
       addressed them. From purgatory, penance, and indulgences 
       to the treasury of merits of Christ, Masses for the dead, 
       and the institution of the Papacy, Luther-and other like-
       minded reformers-had a misinformation overload on their 
       hands. A cast of scholars and professional church workers 
       share their expertise on the cultural and religious milieu
       in which Luther operated. A discussion guide, complete 
       with numerous Internet links and helpful questions, 
       assists viewers toward a deeper understanding of this 
       critical period in the life of Christ's church on earth. A
       supplementary text, The Reformation Twelve, gives viewers 
       a look at the prominent figures who shared the religious 
       stage in early 16th-century Europe. 
521 8  Not rated. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
700 1  Biermann, Dr. Joel. 
700 1  Maier, Dr. Paul. 
700 1  Seltz, Dr. Gregory. 
700 1  Surburg, Rev. Mark. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
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