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020    9781118608616 (electronic bk.) 
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037    0014069580|bAXIS360 
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082 04 005.276|222 
100 1  Drake, Joshua J. 
245 10 Android Hacker's Handbook|h[Axis 360 electronic resource] 
260    Hoboken :|bWiley,|c2014. 
300    1 online resource (577 p.) 
500    Description based upon print version of record. 
500    Processing Inputs 
505 0  Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Chapter 1 Looking 
       at the Ecosystem; Understanding Android's Roots; Company 
       History; Version History; Examining the Device Pool; Open 
       Source, Mostly; Understanding Android Stakeholders; 
       Google; Hardware Vendors; Carriers; Developers; Users; 
       Grasping Ecosystem Complexities; Fragmentation; 
       Compatibility; Update Issues; Security versus Openness; 
       Public Disclosures; Summary; Chapter 2 Android Security 
       Design and Architecture; Understanding Android System 
       Architecture; Understanding Security Boundaries and 
       Enforcement; Android's Sandbox; Android Permissions 
505 8  Looking Closer at the LayersAndroid Applications; The 
       Android Framework; The Dalvik Virtual Machine; User-Space 
       Native Code; The Kernel; Complex Security, Complex 
       Exploits; Summary; Chapter 3 Rooting Your Device; 
       Understanding the Partition Layout; Determining the 
       Partition Layout; Understanding the Boot Process; 
       Accessing Download Mode; Locked and Unlocked Boot Loaders;
       Stock and Custom Recovery Images; Rooting with an Unlocked
       Boot Loader; Rooting with a Locked Boot Loader; Gaining 
       Root on a Booted System; NAND Locks, Temporary Root, and 
       Permanent Root; Persisting a Soft Root 
505 8  History of Known AttacksKernel: Wunderbar/asroot; Recovery
       : Volez; Udev: Exploid; Adbd: RageAgainstTheCage; Zygote: 
       Zimperlich and Zysploit; Ashmem: KillingInTheNameOf and 
       psneuter; Vold: GingerBreak; PowerVR: levitator; 
       Libsysutils: zergRush; Kernel: mempodroid; File Permission
       and Symbolic Link-Related Attacks; Adb Restore Race 
       Condition; Exynos4: exynos-abuse; Diag: lit / diaggetroot;
       Summary; Chapter 4 Reviewing Application Security; Common 
       Issues; App Permission Issues; Insecure Transmission of 
       Sensitive Data; Insecure Data Storage; Information Leakage
       Through Logs 
505 8  Unsecured IPC EndpointsCase Study: Mobile Security App; 
       Profiling; Static Analysis; Dynamic Analysis; Attack; Case
       Study: SIP Client; Enter Drozer; Discovery; Snarfing; 
       Injection; Summary; Chapter 5 Understanding Android's 
       Attack Surface; An Attack Terminology Primer; Attack 
       Vectors; Attack Surfaces; Classifying Attack Surfaces; 
       Surface Properties; Classification Decisions; Remote 
       Attack Surfaces; Networking Concepts; Networking Stacks; 
       Exposed Network Services; Mobile Technologies; Client-side
       Attack Surface; Google Infrastructure; Physical Adjacency;
       Wireless Communications 
505 8  Other TechnologiesLocal Attack Surfaces; Exploring the 
       File System; Finding Other Local Attack Surfaces; Physical
       Attack Surfaces; Dismantling Devices; USB; Other Physical 
       Attack Surfaces; Third-Party Modifications; Summary; 
       Chapter 6 Finding Vulnerabilities with Fuzz Testing; 
       Fuzzing Background; Identifying a Target; Crafting 
       Malformed Inputs; Processing Inputs; Monitoring Results; 
       Fuzzing on Android; Fuzzing Broadcast Receivers; 
       Identifying a Target; Generating Inputs; Delivering 
       Inputs; Monitoring Testing; Fuzzing Chrome for Android; 
       Selecting a Technology to Target; Generating Inputs 
520    The first comprehensive guide to discovering and 
       preventing attacks on the Android OS As the Android 
       operating system continues to increase its share of the 
       smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growing 
       threat. Written by experts who rank among the world's 
       foremost Android security researchers, this book presents 
       vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation tools 
       for the good guys. Following a detailed explanation of how
       the Android OS works and its overall security architecture,
       the authors examine how vulnerabilities can be discovered 
       and exploits developed for v. 
588    Description based on print version record. 
630 00 Android (Electronic resource) 
650  0 Computer security. 
650  0 Application software|xDevelopment. 
650  0 Mobile computing. 
650  0 Computer hackers. 
650  4 Android (Electronic resource) 
650  4 Application software -- Development. 
650  4 Computer hackers. 
650  4 Computer security. 
650  4 Mobile computing. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
700 1  Lanier, Zach. 
700 1  Mulliner, Collin. 
700 1  Oliva, Pau. 
700 1  Ridley, Stephen A. 
700 1  Wicherski, Georg. 
710 2  Baker & Taylor Axis 360 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aDrake, Joshua J.|tAndroid Hacker's 
       Handbook.|dHoboken : Wiley, 2014|z9781118608647 
856 4  |u