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520    The year 2015 will be remembered as one of the most 
       bizarrely compelling and genuinely unnerving in the 
       nation's modern political history. One contender entered 
       the race as the scion to a political dynasty. Another 
       entered as a reality television star. There were the 
       religious factions, the Tea Partiers, even a moderate or 
       two. The Republican primary quickly bloated to seventeen 
       candidates. But where the establishment had chosen a few 
       frontrunners behind which it would select the eventual 
       nominee, the public and the press had other ideas. Donald 
       Trump went from punchline to poll-leader, even as other 
       candidates dismissed him and millions condemned his 
       incendiary rhetoric. Now, as the primary season heats up 
       and people start casting their votes, the field and the 
       country wait to see whether Trump's populist appeal will 
       translate to the nomination, and how the Republican party 
       will adapt to its strange new reality. The Washington Post
       brings to readers the wild story of how Republicans got to
       where they are today, told primarily through the 
       impressions, recollections, and analyses of those who 
       lived it personally - the Republican candidates. This 
       eBook is based almost entirely on on-the-record interviews
       with most of the major candidates - some of whom fell away
       - and with their advisers and other strategists. It is the
       story of a remarkable year in American politics. 
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