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Materialism -- United States -- Social aspects. : Empire of things : how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first / Frank Trentmann.  2016 1
Materialization. : Paranormal ghost hauntings at the turn of the century [Hoopla electronic resource].  2013 1
  Materials -- 15 Related Subjects   15
Materials. : Natural or man-made? [electronic resource] / by Kelli Hicks. [Axis 360 electronic resource]  2012 1
Your entry Materials Appearance would be here -- Search as Words -- Your entry would be here

Materials, Archival -- See Archival materials

--individual archival materials, e.g. Diaries
Materials Automobiles Juvenile Literature : From iron to car / by Shannon Zemlicka.  2004 1
Materials Automobiles Recycling Juvenile Literature Videodiscs : Planes, trains & automobiles [(DVD) videorecording] = Avions, trains et automobiles / produced in association with TVOntario [and others] ; producer/director, Wendy Loten.  2009 1

Materials Cutting -- See Cutting

Materials -- Design. : Radical matter : rethinking materials for a sustainable future / Kate Franklin and Caroline Till.  2018 1

Materials Deterioration -- See Also the narrower term Corrosion and anti-corrosives

--subdivision Corrosion under individual metals and metal compounds, individual materials and types of materials, and types of engineering structures, equipment, and vehicles, e.g. Concrete--Corrosion; Copper--Corrosion; Automobiles--Corrosion
Materials -- Electric properties -- Juvenile literature. : What are insulators and conductors? / Jessica Pegis ; [illustrations, Chandra Ganegoda].  2012 1
Materials -- Environmental aspects. : Making better buildings : a comparative guide to sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors / Chris Magwood.  2014 1
Materials -- Experiments -- Juvenile literature.   3

Materials Fatigue -- See Also Fracture mechanics

--subdivisions Cracking and Fracture under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Concrete--Cracking and Metals--Fracture

Materials, Fissionable -- See Radioactive substances


Materials Fracture -- See Fracture mechanics

--subdivisions Cracking and Fracture under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Concrete--Cracking and Metals--Fracture

Materials, Fusible, in sewing -- See Fusible materials in sewing

Materials Handicraft   2
  Materials handling -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Materials -- Juvenile literature.   6

Materials, Library -- See Library materials

--heading Libraries--Special collections further subdivided by topic, e.g. Libraries--Special collections--Video tapes

Materials Machining -- See Machining

Here are entered works on methods for changing the size or shape of a workpiece by means of machine-operated cutting tools and including standard operations such as turning, shaping and planing, milling, grinding, and drilling.

Materials management -- See Also the narrower term Purchasing

Here are entered works on purchasing in general and on the purchasing activities of business enterprises in retail or service industries. Works on purchasing for manufacturing purposes are entered under Industrial procurement. Works on consumer buying are entered under Shopping.

--subdivision Purchasing under types of products and services and individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Automobiles--Purchasing; Cattle--Purchasing
Materials management. : Supply chain management for dummies / by Daniel Stanton.  2018 1

Materials Mechanical behavior -- See Materials Mechanical properties

--subdivision Mechanical properties under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Metals--Mechanical properties
Materials -- Mechanical properties -- Juvenile literature. : Materials / Peter Riley.  2011 1

Materials, Molding -- See Molding materials


Materials Preservation -- See Preservation of materials

--subdivision Collection and preservation under kinds of natural objects, including plants, animals, and antiquities, for works on methods of collecting and preserving these objects, e.g. Fishes--Collection and preservation; subdivision Conservation and restoration under types of art objects, library materials, types of architecture, etc., for works on preserving and restoring these items, e.g. Newspapers--Conservation and restoration; and subdivision Preservation under perishable products, including types of foods, drugs, textiles, etc., e.g. Corn--Preservation
Materials -- Properties -- Experiments -- Juvenile literature. : Experiments with materials / Isabel Thomas.  2016 1
Materials -- Properties -- Juvenile literature. : Testing materials in my makerspace / by Rebecca Sjonger.  2018 1

Materials, Radioactive -- See Radioactive substances


Materials, Reflective -- See Reflective materials

Materials science. : Composite materials / Boy Scouts of America.  2013 1
Materials science -- Dictionaries. : McGraw-Hill dictionary of materials science.  2003 1
Materials science -- Juvenile literature. : What is it made of? [Axis 360 electronic resource] / by Amy S. Hansen ; science content editor, Kristi Lew.  2012 1
Materials science -- Popular works.   4
Materials science -- Popular works -- Sound recordings.   2

Materials Sensory evaluation -- See Sensory evaluation

--subdivision Sensory evaluation under individual plants and crops, e.g. Corn--Sensory evaluation

Materials, Strength of -- See Strength of materials

--names of specific materials and forms, e.g. Magnesium alloys; Plates (Engineering); also subdivision Testing under specific materials or forms, e.g. Concrete--Testing; Girders--Testing

Materials Surfaces -- See Surfaces (Technology)

--subdivision Surfaces under individual chemicals and groups of chemicals and individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Copper--Surfaces; Metals--Surfaces
Materials -- Testing -- Juvenile literature. : Testing materials in my makerspace / by Rebecca Sjonger.  2018 1
Materials Yarn : Noro Silk Garden : the 20th anniversary collection / the editors of Sixth & Spring Books.  2016 1

Materiel management -- See Materials management

--subdivision Materials management under types of industries, e.g. Construction industry--Materials management
  Maternal and child health services -- 2 Related Subjects   2
  Maternal and infant health services -- 2 Related Subjects   2
  Maternal and infant welfare -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Maternal and infant welfare -- History. : For her own good : two centuries of the experts' advice to women / Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English.  2005 1
Maternal and infant welfare -- United States -- History.   3
Maternal Behavior. : Mary Ainsworth : Attachment and the growth of love.  2016 1

Maternal behavior in animals -- See Parental behavior in animals

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