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1   Evaluation -- 8 Related Subjects   8

Evaluation, Job -- See Job evaluation

Here are entered works on the appraisal of the relative value of individual jobs in an organization for wage determination, promotions, etc. Works on the process of making a detailed study of a job to determine the duties, facilities required, conditions of work, and the qualifications needed for its performance are entered under Job analysis.

Evaluation of curriculum -- See Curriculum evaluation

4   Evaluation of literature -- 4 Related Subjects   4

Evaluation of psychiatric disability -- See Psychiatric disability evaluation


Evaluation research in education -- See Educational evaluation

Here are entered works on the analysis and evaluation of the accomplishments of current educational objectives of institutions or programs for purposes of future curriculum development, planning, policy-making, and resource allocation. General works on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the educational system are entered under Education--Evaluation.

--subdivision Evaluation under specific education topics
7 Evaluation -- Social aspects. : Counting : how we use numbers to decide what matters / Deborah Stone.  2020 1
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